Established in 1958 Ankara, TUFAK (a.k.a. Tourism and Folklore Research Foundation) is the oldest amateur folk dance foundation of the Turkish Republic.

 The first international activity of our foundation was carried out with The Agrigento Festival of Italy in 1968

 World Championship was achieved for our country throughout the international folk dance contests, such as: World Championship in 1969 Carthage Folk Dance Contest, Tunisia; The Golden Pendant as a reward of World Championship in stylized branch in 1981 Dijon, France; World Championship in four different branches in 1983 Zwollen, Checkoslavakia; respectively.

 From it’s very establishment, up to this day; our foundation has represented our country with pride and success in dozens of different lands with a divergence such as Great Britain to Japan and From Russia to the United States.

 Aside from the International festivals we have participated, we also were assigned by our government to promote out folk dances and our culture to our foreign guests in events like fairs and promotion days. It is our mission to pass on our honorable services to the future generations.

 As we have mentioned before, hundreds of diplomas, awards and participation certificates from local and international activities we have participated are proudly being exhibited today in our locale owned by our foundation from year 2002.

 Our foundation has been accredited to execute EVS (a.k.a European Voluntary Service) programs as a sender, host and coordinating organization by our National Agency for EU. Turkish Folk Dances, Turkish language, and Cultural values are being taught to our guests that are hosted for a year in our country.  

 We also have sent and continuing to send hundreds among the Turkish Youth to various European Countries under this program.

 The International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals (CIOFF) awarded the "TURKISH CULTURE SERVICE AWARD for 2017" to TUFAK and we are very proud of it ..

 We are offering our deepest gratitudes to everyone who has been amateurly serving with a spirit of devotion in this path of cultural wealth from the day our foundation was established. We commemmorate all our elders with compassion and gratitude who are  no longer among us. WITH OUR RESPECT.