With a view to research folk dances and folk music, thus exhibit in international events and contribute to our country’s tourism efforts and hand over the cultural richness and invaluable heritage to the next generations, TUFAK (Tourism Folklore Research Center Youth Club), was established in 1958, since then, still carries out its activities in accordance with the above mentioned objectives through several ways and means with an amateur spirit and desire in a very friendly and cooperative environment.
In all of 3 events that our club was assigned to represent our country; “Cartaca Festival-Tunisia in 1968, “Dijon Festival-France” in 1981 and "Zwollen Festival- Ex Czechoslovakia” in 1983 " TUFAK was awarded “World Prizes” and shares and enjoys the happiness and full satisfaction to have honor to accomplish the mission given by trust.
 Today, through 59 years of success and friendship, as having the same courage and amateur spirit to perform as it was in its first day of establishment, we would like to have a privilege and opportunity to extend our warm regards and best wishes to our members and friends who exerted their best efforts and gave their hearts and souls and countless support for the success and proud of enriching a heritage for coming generations.

Let us wish “Many Many 59 Years to Celebrate”.